Copenhagen Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Society


  • CPH:SEC - A Scriptkiddies Guide to Web Hacking Using Automatic Tools: https://cph-sec.github.io/scriptkiddie.md
  • CPH:SEC - How to Build a Covert Pentesting Infrastructure Almost Free - Part 1: https://CPH-SEC.github.io/pentestinfra.md
  • CPH:SEC - Using Metasploit Framework the Right Way - With Scripts: https://CPH-SEC.github.io/metasloit_scripting.md

  • CPH:SEC - How to Write for CPH:SEC: https://CPH-SEC.github.io/cphsec_howtowrite.md
  • CPH:SEC - Template: https://CPH-SEC.github.io/cphsec_template.md

  • Hackers Resources Galore: https://github.com/Shiva108/CTF-notes
  • CPH:SEC WAES: Web Auto Enum & Scanner - Auto enums website(s): https://github.com/Shiva108/WAES
  • Escalation Servers and Scripts for Priv Escalation: https://github.com/Shiva108/escalationserver